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Last night I walked into the bar we used to go to and your favorite band was playing. I let myself sit on a bar stool and drift away in memories. It felt like a tornado was rushing inside my brain so I closed my eyes and everything I used to love about you appeared. Your warm eyes, your cold hands but still so soft and cozy, your delicate lips, your arms which always used to protect me from the evil, your scent which reminded me of home, your way of making me feel like a princess, your fast heartbeat against my ear. Everything came back to me as the music was still playing in the background, the piano notes making my heart skip a beat. I opened my eyes and I realized how lonely I felt, how slowly time passed by and how quickly everything turned into various shades of grey. And then the music stopped and I heard footsteps. I didn’t want to look, but my eyes drifted away anyway. And there you were, holding hands with someone else, someone I couldn’t quite acknowledge as the girl who took my place. I allowed myself to take a deep glance at you – you’ve changed! You looked happier, yet your eyes didn’t shine as brightly; you were dressed neatly, but you kinda looked messy. Your smile seemed fine, but your slouchy position gave it away. Weren’t you happier? And then our eyes met, and our stares collided, turning into a powder of stars left from our constellation. Your smile faded, my heart ached. But it didn’t seem to make me feel all those things I used to feel. So I stood up, I inhaled deeply and slowly, and made my way out, our arms brushing against each other shortly, making you jump. But not making me feel anything. Why? Because I have moved on.

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